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Peperuka Maasai Fleece Blanket

Peperuka Maasai Fleece Blanket

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Handcrafted with LOVE, we have paired this lovely Maasai Shuka with fleece to make you an incredibly warm and lovable blankie that will be cherished for a lifetime!

PEPERUKA is the Swahili word for SOAR!

Product image: Peperuka Maasai Fleece Blankie with Black Fleece

  • Shuka colours: red, orange yellow and black

  • Double-sided blanket made with Maasai Shuka on one side and fleece on the other side.

  • Size estimate: L x W 75 x 58 inches | 190 x 147 cm
  • Big enough to cover a 3×6 single bed
  • Personalised with embroidery in one corner of the blanket
  • Made to order from locally sourced fabrics and prints

Lovingly made in Nairobi, Kenya

Ready to deliver within 3 working days (Sundays and Kenyan public holidays are excluded).

Please contact us for rush orders.

2-3 days for personalised items