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Our Story


In 2010, my then toddler niece Sayuri came to Kenya for the very first time. After her 5 week stay I wanted to gift her something that she could treasure and remind her of her stay here. That is when the personalised kikoy blanket came to life. Truth be told, I stitched it on my late Auntie Tutu’s dining table as I was living with her at the time.

This sewing hobby became a business that was officially registered in 2013 and since then, we have continued to stitch blankets that are appreciated and loved by many.

Over the years we have developed our product line to include additional functional gifts that are authentic, unique and proudly made in Kenya.

Our gifts are PERSONAL, MEMORABLE and made to be TREASURED for a LIFETIME.  


Who we are...

KHALAYI, pronounced HA-LA-YI is a luhya word meaning SMALL AND BEAUTIFUL!

We are a handcrafted business that specialises in sewing and embroidery, offering personalised blankets and accessories through unique decorative techniques on textiles and apparel.

Everyone who comes in contact with Khalayi knows that our products are crafted with true love, patience and dedication. We have the passion and skills to make unique customised gifts for you and your loved ones.


Our Inspiration

We Believe that LOVE SHARED, makes this world a HAPPIER PLACE!

Our work is therefore, truly inspired by LOVE; both in how we handcraft our products and with the people who work for and with Khalayi.

We are grateful that our key partners and clients have embodied these values of love and appreciation!

Our lovingly handcrafted and personalised gifts are sure to make anyone who receives them feel truly LOVED, extremely SPECIAL and highly APPRECIATED.

Wrapped in Love Blanket by Khalayi